Sunday, May 18, 2008

OMG another three months has passed by.....

Well life is just so busy with Five kiddies, A Hubby and an Online business, and it doesn't help that I always forget to update my Blog, oops!

Well there has been so much Happening where do I start???

Lillie is growing like a weed she is now 4 months and one week old. Here is one of her latest pics.

February my Big Brother and his Gorgeous Girlfriend came to Visit us.

Here is a couple of Pics taken from their holiday here with us.

We've also had Kiarra's B'day Party in March. Kiarra chose to have a Scrapbooking Party for her 9th Birthday, herself and of her Guests had a great time.

We also had a Snake come for a Visit on Kiarra's B'day it was one that had escaped from our Neighbours Property over twelve months before and it was a Children's Python so Kiarra wants a new pet now.....

Here is a couple of pics of Kiarra holding the Snake.

And here is my Nephew Holding the Snake as well.

April was Thomas's 4th Birthday. We had a McDonald's Party for him.

Here are a couple of Pics taken on his Birthday.
Thomas Opening up his BIG Birthday present.

I love this Pic of Lillie watching Thomas open her Present she gave to Thomas.

I'll be back with some more pics soon I hope.

Happy Scrappin'

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