Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Kooper's walking pics!

Kooper is forever running around and it is so hard to get him to sit still these days especially when Mummy has the Camera out. Here is some pics of him going walkabout after taking his Milk Bottle out of the Cooler bag, lol! at the Bob the Builder Performance on Sunday.

"Bob the Builder" & "Thomas the Tank Engine" pic share

"Thomas the Tank Engine"

We all went to the Railway Museum at Ipswich last Monday and the boys loved it heaps!
Here are some pics from our fun day! Thomas even got to meet the Fat Controller too! Thomas also drove the Queensland Rail Air Train! We hall had a great day!

"Bob the Builder, can we fix it?"
Well we've been having a busy time lately. On Sunday Afternoon / Evening we took the two boys to see "Bob the Builder" at the Springfield Lakes Summer Extravaganza, it was a great afternoon. Thomas totally loved it. Thomas hasn't stopped singing "Bob the Builder, can we fix it?" ever since, it's so cute.